Customs clearance is one of the most important stages of the way the goods make from a foreign producer to a final buyer. Working with customs authorities has its specifics and requires a vast knowledge in the field of customs and foreign trade, proficiency in foreign languages, as well as diverse experience and well-established relationships.

Consult Plus` staff have qualification certificates issued by FCS (Federal Customs Service) of Russia and regularly undergo trainings that allow us to keep abreast of changes in customs legislation and give professional advice on customs clearance to our clients. By entrusting all paperwork and organization of customs clearance to our company`s specialists, you can be assured that the goods will be released on time and will reach your warehouse at no additional cost.

We offer the following customs clearance services:

* Consulting on foreign trade and customs clearance in Russia;

* Expert analysis and assistance in the preparation of foreign trade contracts, commercial    documents and other necessary documents in accordance with requirements of the customs authorities;

* Customs codes classification of goods, and preliminary calculation of customs duties;

* Preparation and execution of transport contracts;

* Assistance in cargo insurance with reputable Russian and foreign insurance companies;

* Selection of a customs broker by product type and type of delivery;

* Supervision over customs procedures;

* Making submissions and letters to the customs authorities of the Russian Federation;

* Specialized customs procedures (import cargo as contribution to a company’s share capital, registration of multi-cargo under a single HS code, processing, temporary import /export, etc.);

* Organization of customs transit;

* Assistance in preparation and examination of additional documents required by the customs authorities to make decisions on customs value;

* Preparation, analysis of documents and assistance in obtaining a classification decision;

* Assistance in resolving disputes on customs issues, etc.