Are you contemplating selling your products or establishing your own production in Russia? And you are not certain where to start, as you never had to deal with customs clearance?

We would be happy to help you to resolve all these issues!

Many companies promise to do everything for you ... Be aware, without knowing the intricacies of customs clearance in Russia, you may come across dishonesty and incompetence, and many companies often promise to deliver what they are not capable of. In order to organize the process it is not enough to be an expert in one area, such as, freight traffic or customs declaration. It is necessary to approach the process as a whole, applying the knowledge in the field of currency regulation, accounting, international law, certification, specifics of customs clearance for each particular group of products, foreign languages, and even psychology.

Some companies offering so-called ”gray schemes” promising to “save your money” and "save you from the need to communicate with the customs authorities”, in fact, may deny all responsibility and as a matter of practice do not provide any documents and information on the legality of such methods of delivery.  Entrusting the goods to such companies you lose leverage against the customs authorities in case something goes wrong, because as a result of such doubtful schemes the goods no longer belong to you.

We have a different approach. All stages are absolutely transparent. We will help you to calculate the economic profitability of the transaction at an early stage, giving an optimal cost of shipping and customs fees. We will explain how to formalize the contract and other documents in accordance with the requirements of the customs authorities and we will assist with obtaining all certificates. If necessary, we will also protect your interests in the customs authorities.

We have individual approach to each client depending on its needs. Trust the professionals, and we will happily take care of your cargo at every stage of your choosing.

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