Our advantages


1. You do not need to run high costs of keeping in-house specialists in foreign trade, logistics, customs clearance, Russian and international law – we are ready to take care of all (or some, depending on your choice) stages of the process.

2. By working with Consult Plus, you can solve all the issues dealing with only  one partner rather than with a lot of intermediaries agents.

3. You save time on finding contractors, as we have a large well-established relations with Russian and foreign partners in different countries, and, if necessary, will establish new contacts at every level upon your request.

4. If your employees do not speak a foreign language, that is no reason to abandon working with foreign suppliers directly - we will gladly help you communicate with them!

5. You know what you are paying for, as one of the fundamental principles of our work is the absolute transparency of pricing.

6. We do not offer you to solve all your problems for you, but we will help you understand the issues that are in our competence and thereby find the best way out of any situation.

7. We are constantly developing together with our clients, expanding the list of services and improving the quality and modes of supply, we are not afraid of changes and new challenges.

8. One-time shipment is not our case. We strive for long-term cooperation, becoming your loyal and reliable partner.

9. We do not offer rapid calculation and rapid delivery - that is not our way of working, because we know how it is important using a complex, integrated approach in resolving any issue. Rather, we take responsibility for each our word and ensure promptness in our operations to achieve the goal in the most efficient way.

10. We do not give empty promises, rather, we take the job which we know we can do well.

11. Our small but cooperative team consists of professionals who truly love their job and are happy to share their knowledge with you.

12. The best reward for our work is thanks from our clients.