Sea shipping is the most economical way to deliver the goods over long distances. Also, when you do not have to change vehicles, you do not have to face the overloading issue, which another advantage of this mode of transportation. This means that your product will be loaded once and unloaded in a container already at the warehouse of the recipient.

Consult Plus company has an extensive network of agents and direct contacts with shipping lines allowing us to offer to our customers shipping with 20`, 40`, HQ and other types of containers, a full range of services in countries of origin, transshipment in ports and organization of delivery from the ports directly to the recipient`s warehouse by specialized vehicles.

And you will surely enjoy our competitive rates!

The range of services for the organization of sea shipping includes:
* delivery of goods to the port of departure;

* filing all necessary documents;

* cargo insurance;

* sea freight;

* control of the movement of goods and their tracking at all stages;

* intra-customs transit;

* delivery of goods from the port of destination to the place of destination;

* return the empty container to the port.

We also offer a multimodal transportation of your groupage cargo by sea from a warehouse of a shipper to a bonded warehouse in Europe, and a following delivery in groupage truck to Moscow.