About company

The world beyond borders… Recently almost all countries aim to create a common economic area and free trade zones without any restrictions and barriers, that would make a customs clearance procedure clear and transparent, based on common principles and unified tariffs. We already now started to turn this dream into reality by helping our clients and partners to understand the specifics of customs clearance in Russia and to organize the process of international shipping in such a way that to avoid delays and complications at all stages.

Experience of many years in arranging international transportation and customs clearance of various products, as well as established relationships with Russian and foreign partners allow us to successfully and efficiently reach all our clients' objectives.

We constantly monitor changes in the customs legislation and keep abreast, so that our customers are the first to learn about such innovations and adjust to the situation in good  time.

Consult Plus company offers a full range of services for conducting export-import operations, including assistance in contract execution with foreign parties, consulting foreign suppliers on the specifics of customs clearance in Russia, transport and warehouse logistics, cargo insurance, preparing all shipping documents for international transportation and customs clearance carried out by our own customs broker.